Snack Dates

  • Nettopaino: 200 g
  • Alkuperä: Iran

Let´s welcome a new and 100% natural snack date with a wonderful taste of coffee! We have taken our carefully selected, stone-free dates from Iran, which have a perfectly soft texture, a caramel-like sweetness and a mouth-watering size - and given them a delicious aromatic coffee flavor! An extremely inviting and tasty snack!



97% dried dates, 2% syrup (corn), sunflower oil, natural coffee aroma, rapeseed oil. * With a natural sugar content.


Stones and stones residues may occur


Store dry, cool and tightly closed

Ravintoarvo per. 100G

  • Energiaa 1283 KJ (307kcal)
  • Rasvaa 0,8g
  • Hiilihydraatteja 67g
  • josta sokereita 62g
  • Ravintokuitua 8,4g
  • Proteiinia 2,4g