*With lentils and Asian-inspired spices

Lentil Mix

  • Nettopaino: 250 g
  • Alkuperä: Italy

Lots of good taste in just 10 minutes.

We have combined green, yellow and red lentils and seasoned with Asian-inspired spices. This makes it easy for you to prepare a delicious, tasty alternative to e.g. rice or pasta. Enjoyed as a warm accessory for falafels, veggie steaks or fried wok vegetables. Also try as fillings in salads and soups.

Our Lentil Mix makes a world of differnece for you and your meals on busy days, where you would like to enjoy a great taste experience in a snap.

- Cooked in 10 minutes.
- Mildly spicy.
- 100% vegan
- High protein content
- Rich in dietary fiber
*Tuote ei saatavilla Suomessa.



34.4% peeled red lentils, 34.4% peeled yellow lentils, 22.9% pre-cooked green lentils, sunflower oil, onions, cereal seeds, coconut flour, salt, spice mix, natural aroma.


May contain traces of GLUTEN, SOJA and SESAM.


Store at room temperature, dry and tightly closed.

Ravintoarvo per. 100G

  • Energiaa 1666 KJ (398kcal)
  • Rasvaa 4,9g
  • josta tyydyttyneitä rasvahappoja 1,3g
  • Hiilihydraatteja 58g
  • josta sokereita 2,1g
  • Ravintokuitua 13g
  • Proteiinia 23g
  • Suolaa 1,2g