*100% plant based


  • Nettopaino: 200 g
  • Alkuperä: Sweden

Lots of good taste in just 20 minutes.

Our falafels are made from 100% natural ingredients and seasoned to suit the whole family's taste buds. Enjoy the falafels warm for salad or as a filling in pita bread with sliced greens, feta and hummus. Or make a meal salad with falafels.

Our Falafels makes a world of differnece for you and your meals on busy days, where you would like to enjoy a great taste experience in a snap.

- 100% vegan
- 100% natural
- Source of protein
- Good alternative for meatballs
- Only ad water
- Makes approx. 20 small falafels

*Tuote ei saatavilla Suomessa.



40.5% chickpea flour, 29% corn grain, SOJA flour, sunflower kernels, onions, 3% sea salt, 2.5% spice mix, parsley, apple powder, sugar.


Store at room temperature, dry and tightly closed.

Ravintoarvo per. 100G

  • Energiaa 1583 KJ (378kcal)
  • Rasvaa 9,6g
  • josta tyydyttyneitä rasvahappoja 1,2g
  • Hiilihydraatteja 50g
  • josta sokereita 3,2g
  • Ravintokuitua 9g
  • Proteiinia 18g
  • Suolaa 3g